May 17, 2012


(I will preface this post with saying that if you're just here for the mass of photos of the past couple of weeks, just scroll down past all my rambling.  It's okay with me if you do.)
Guys, I have been so busy.  So, so, so busy.  I haven't kept up with writing my blog, or reading blogs in weeks (except for the few I remember about as I'm laying in bed with Adelaide nursing her down).  I don't really have anything to show for the lack of posting.  Nothing has really been eating up my time, except I just can't find many minutes in the day to sit down and catch up.  Breathe.  Just be. 

Well, I did finally crack open a non-baby-related book the other night.  For about 20 minutes, I blissfully read and ate black bean and cheese taquitos dipped in salsa.  It was nice.

But the rest of the time?  Busy.  Taking care of an almost-17-month-old (!!!) whose latest trick is whining as soon as mommy steps in the door at daycare in the afternoons and not really ceasing until she gives out at the end of the night.  And that's not even a real given anymore, either.  This week has been treacherous in the sleep arena: laying down at 7:15 only to fall asleep at 8:45, waking up repeatedly in the middle of the night, crying and flailing about when I try to lay her back down, wanting to be up - immediately - at 5:30 in the mornings instead of letting momma and dada slowly rise from slumber. 

And Kevin has been incredibly busy.  Meaning, he hasn't done hardly anything around the house because he's up to those beautiful blue eyes in sawdust, welding rings, and heading up drums.  An 18-drum order is fantastic for business, but not so great for family life.  This also means that our house is a disaster zone - piles of drum-makin' stuff everywhere.  He should have them delivered out tomorrow, so hopefully that will be a start of a cleaner, calmer house, with a more-present Kevin around to help a bit.

But even though it's been a hard couple of weeks, it's still good.  I mean, really!  She is growing so much.  In fact, last weekend, she woke up a bit after being in bed for a while.  Normally she'd start crying, and after a minute Kevin would go in and console her (i.e. she'd knock out as soon as he'd walk in the door - just wanted to know we were still there, is all).  But that night, she woke up, swung off the bed, and toddled down the hall with her arms up and a big smile on her face.  It was so darn cute that I picked her up and let her cuddle with me on the couch in a big goofy grin and watch comedy shows.  I think she knew she was up when she was supposed to be sleeping.  A kid who just got a special treat, you know?

Plus, she's using her signs more.  Please, thank you, more (with an audible "mo" along with it), and milk are her common ones.  We're trying to teach her a version of help, but she mostly just goes through all the signs when she needs something waiting for one to apply.  It's kinda cute.

And even though there's so much more goodness, my menial break at work is almost over, so here's that promised photo dump you've been so patiently waiting for... hope all is well in your world!

Helping out in the garden... watering the plants.
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Mother's Day lunch at Flying Biscuit Cafe.
_DSC0437 _DSC0444 _DSC0445 _DSC0442


  1. The pictures of Adelaide in your shoes KILL ME. And my daughter does the same thing with the "do all the signs I know in the hopes that one of them will be correct" -- makes us laugh every time :) Congrats on the big order for your hubs!

    1. Adelaide is obsessed with shoes. OBSESSED. If we're in the store walking by some shoes, she'll immediately try to take her's off to try on other shoes. It's so cute!

  2. So, the Flying Biscuit is one of my favorite places to eat ever. Yum!

    And your little girl is just beautiful.

    1. Aww, thank you :)

      I'm in love with the Love Cakes. They have a recipe on their website; I've been meaning to try them out at home!


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