May 31, 2010

1st Trimester Wrap-up

Today it hit me: This is the first day of my 2nd trimester. !!!

These past three months have literally flown by (and can anyone believe 2010 is almost halfway over?), and it struck me that the time between now and mid-December - when I will hold my little baby for the first time - will pass just as quickly. I want to really enjoy this time in my life, my pregnancy, and want it to take as long as possible because once it's over... it's over. But at the same time, I want December here so quickly... I don't care what I miss on the way, as long as it gets here!

Anyway, I thought it might be nice to do a little 1st trimester wrap-up.

So far I've gained 4-6 pounds, depending on the day and what I ate the night before. Which is right on track, from what I've been reading and from what my midwife has told me. Up until Friday, when I told everyone that I was pregnant, I was super paranoid about looking pregnant. I didn't want people to guess until I told them. So I had a few nights of agonizing over what to wear to work the next day. Amazingly, these past couple of days, now that everyone knows, I feel a sense of relief knowing that I can be pudgy and it's okay! Shew!

I haven't been sick at all, thankfully! My only symptoms, other than a bit of weight gain: tender breasts, tons of fatigue, and an aversion to vegetables.

Aversion to veggies... as a vegetarian, this sucks. All I've wanted to eat are carbs - bread, sandwiches, pizza, pasta. I'm eating healthy carbs - whole wheat and whole grains, but still... Corn has been okay, as well as green bean casserole. Other than that... nothing. Fruit's okay, so I've been loading up on strawberries, fruit smoothies, berries, pineapple, and fresh peaches.

Whoops... can't forget those mood swings. I've always been a bit moody, but wow. One moment I'll be so carefree, the next I'll be crying because I'm frustrating at being so out of energy, and the next back up again. Kevin's been SO good to me... very understanding and helpful. From day one, he's been so attached and in love with this baby, so of course he's going to take care of the resident moma. :)

Day one of stage two... almost done.

May 29, 2010

They All Know!

Yesterday I told everyone at work I was pregnant.

I had been debating for weeks about how to do so. My options were: 1) Announce it at a staff meeting, when everyone was together. This option was the least appealing to me as I get all nervous and flustered when everyone is looking at me at once. 2) Send a mass email and let people come to me as they wish. Nah, I wanted immediate reactions. 3) Tell people as I saw them. This was what I did, and even if I had chosen choice 1 or choice 2, I think I wouldn't have been able to wait, not after hearing the heartbeat of our little lentil.

So, as I walked up to the school, two members of my specials team (the music and computer teachers) were standing outside ready to do the car-rider line. I pretty much immediately told them and they smiled. Then I walked 5 steps and told someone else. They squealed and hugged me. 5 more steps, and this process continued for nearly the whole day. It was wonderful to see so many people genuinely happy for me and excited that I was bringing a little baby into our school family.

I opted not to tell any students or parents until we come back in August. The school year's almost over (only 8 more teaching days!!!), and I'll be past the 20-week mark in August, making a little safer to tell everyone else. I just don't want every single person to know, and then something happen over the summer, just to have me come back to school and let all the little ones know that I am not in fact pregnant anymore. I don't think their little brains would be sensitive enough to what I'd be feeling at that moment. Chances are nothing's going to go wrong, but I want to err on the safe side, you know?

And a cool thing is, as I was telling certain people at the school, they hinted at how I'm due around the same time as someone else at the school - a totally new fact to me! But it's true - I have a preggo buddy! One of our 2nd grade teachers is pregnant with her 3rd, and is due just 13 days after me! How crazy would it be if I were late and she were early, having our babies around the same time?

All day yesterday felt like a dream: this is real now. Somehow, everyone knowing that I'm pregnant makes it more real. This isn't just a game I'm playing. And it was awesome having everyone giving me special looks, or hugs all day, or questions about when I'm going to tell them the sex so they can plan baby showers . . . I think people are really going to help me make this an incredible time in my life, and I'm thankful for that.

May 27, 2010

Lentil Letter #1

Little Lentil,

I am eleven weeks and four days pregnant with you. The past three months have been so amazing, from the first moment I found out I was your mom, and those wondrous moments will continue forever. Sometimes I suddenly "remember" that I'm pregnant and I just want to yell it out to you, but I've had to wait to make sure we were really meant to be. And sometimes I'm just so shocked that this is really happening to your dad and me. We didn't try very long to make you, and we're lucky for that, but I've been wanting you for a very long time. I'm over the moon that I'm finally your mom.

I'm writing all this as kind of a journal of sorts, of thoughts and wishes along this journey, so that maybe someday you'll know just how much you've been loved from the start. How much thought and dreaming goes into helping you grow.

Today your daddy and I went to our first midwife's appointment and talked all about you - about how to eat healthy for you and how to prepare for you. And I laid on the bed in the purple room and we tried to hear your heartbeat. For 3 seconds we did, and it was fast and strong. But then you went into hiding or kept moving around a lot. You're still so very small in there, and my uterus has really grown, giving you lots of room to move around and tuck yourself away from us. Thankfully we videoed our first meeting, and your father and I have already watched those 3 seconds seven times. And the video camera is still out and hooked up to the TV, so I'm sure we'll watch it even again before we curl up to bed.

I almost cried (well, I did for a second) when I heard your heartbeat, but then I was waiting and holding my breath and wishing for you to peek back up to us. We have another appointment in one month, which seems so, so very long, and you'll be much bigger and louder for us to hear. Your dad can't wait to see if you're made with rhythm. He's a drummer and he can't wait to teach you all he knows!

I can't wait to hold you. And to really meet you. And kiss you and smell you and feed you. I love you so much already, little lentil!

Your Moma
(this is the same way I write "mom" to my own mother, and I'm determined to have you do the same!)