May 27, 2010

Lentil Letter #1

Little Lentil,

I am eleven weeks and four days pregnant with you. The past three months have been so amazing, from the first moment I found out I was your mom, and those wondrous moments will continue forever. Sometimes I suddenly "remember" that I'm pregnant and I just want to yell it out to you, but I've had to wait to make sure we were really meant to be. And sometimes I'm just so shocked that this is really happening to your dad and me. We didn't try very long to make you, and we're lucky for that, but I've been wanting you for a very long time. I'm over the moon that I'm finally your mom.

I'm writing all this as kind of a journal of sorts, of thoughts and wishes along this journey, so that maybe someday you'll know just how much you've been loved from the start. How much thought and dreaming goes into helping you grow.

Today your daddy and I went to our first midwife's appointment and talked all about you - about how to eat healthy for you and how to prepare for you. And I laid on the bed in the purple room and we tried to hear your heartbeat. For 3 seconds we did, and it was fast and strong. But then you went into hiding or kept moving around a lot. You're still so very small in there, and my uterus has really grown, giving you lots of room to move around and tuck yourself away from us. Thankfully we videoed our first meeting, and your father and I have already watched those 3 seconds seven times. And the video camera is still out and hooked up to the TV, so I'm sure we'll watch it even again before we curl up to bed.

I almost cried (well, I did for a second) when I heard your heartbeat, but then I was waiting and holding my breath and wishing for you to peek back up to us. We have another appointment in one month, which seems so, so very long, and you'll be much bigger and louder for us to hear. Your dad can't wait to see if you're made with rhythm. He's a drummer and he can't wait to teach you all he knows!

I can't wait to hold you. And to really meet you. And kiss you and smell you and feed you. I love you so much already, little lentil!

Your Moma
(this is the same way I write "mom" to my own mother, and I'm determined to have you do the same!)


  1. Beautiful letter. It's so exciting to think of the titles 'mom' and 'dad' applied to you and Kevin; its seems very fitting. Isn't hearing that heart beat amazing? Very, very happy for the ... three :) ... of you.

  2. I am SO happy for you!!! I know how excited you were to be a mommy...congratulations!!!!!!!! YAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also...I love that you call your baby lentil.

    I've been calling my daughter "Bean" since she was a baby and so when I became pregnant with Ds I started calling him lentil.

    Gotta keep it in the legume family, yanno? :P

  3. [Hippie Mommie] Thanks!!!

    [Hannah] Yay! Heartbeat is really cool... I'm so glad we taped it, otherwise I wouldn't remember what it sounds like, already. Mom... I like the sound of that :)

    [Athiest Mama] Yes! SO excited! There's a reason why "lentil"... I'll write about that at some point soon! But yes, wouldn't it be weird to call your baby something like "Corn" or "Mushroom"? A blog I read does use "Tomato" which I think is kind of cute.

  4. This is beautiful. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! :)


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